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The main attractions and advantages of Mauritius are: Political stability, impressive charts and sustained economic growth. A safe place for investment, a recognized rule of law, an openness to foreign talents.


  • It is sovereign and independent.
  • Mauritius is constantly establishing new Tax Treaties with a growing number of countries. Click here our page on Tax Treaty network of Mauritius
  • An efficiently regulated financial services centre committed to investor's protection with a progressive regulatory framework modeled on the industry's 'best practice' principles and compliant to internationally accepted norms of supervision including those of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision.
  • A committed jurisdiction cooperating with such organisations as OECD, FATF and the UN and its agencies. Guaranteed confidentiality for those engaged in legitimate business through express provision and customary laws governing relationships between banks and customers and between professionals and clients.
  • No exchange control. Free repatriation of profits with no withholding tax on dividends, royalties and interests.
  • Population bilingual in English and French.
  • With a population of 1.2 million inhabitants. Mauritius benefits from a large pool of readily available graduates, qualified lawyers and accountants. Most Mauritian barristers have been called to the Bar both in the Uk and Mauritius.
  • Accountants are members of UK professional bodies such as the Institute of Chartered and Certified Accountants.
  • Political stability guaranteed by parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster model.
  • Hybrid legal system based on English and French laws. The Highest Court of Appeal is the Privy Council in the U.K.
  • Well established banking institutions and an international stock exchange.
  • Strategic time zone (GMT+4). Business can be conducted with the Far East in the morning, Europe around mid-day and USA in late afternoon.
  • Membership of the International Court of Justice, the International Centre for Settlements of Investment Disputes and the Multilateral
  • Investment Guarantee Agency.
  • Living and administrative costs are very low.
  • Over 40 international flights daily to major European, African and Asian cities.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunication facilities and connected to the SAFE fibre optic network. Heavy investments under way to develop the country into a cyber island.
  • Mauritius has concluded a number of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs).