Mauritius is well known for its quality of life. The island has a well developed infrastructure and all essential services and goods are to be found. Foreign investors and professionals will find it easy to work and live in such a cosmopolitan, safe and friendly environment.

The rapid economic growth and the desire of the Government to develop the centre into a business and financial hub in the region have led to the development of quality business facilities. Modern office space is readily available on the island with a concentration in Port Louis, the financial district. The government of Mauritius has invested massively with the building of cyber cities with state-of-the-art communication in various parts of the country.

Foreign companies and professionals are encouraged to set up offices on the island to benefit from the low operational costs and quality working environment.

At Alliance Financial Services Ltd, we provide a one-stop-shop service and a variety of choices to our clients wishing to rent office space and accommodation.


Indicative Rental Cost

Unfurnished Offices
  US$ 0.5 - US$ 1.5/sq.ft/month

ACCOMMODATION Semi-furnished with 3 bedrooms
Detached House
Beach House

US$ 600/month
US$ 800/month
US$ 1,500/month



Foreign personnel require a valid work permit issued by the relevant Authorities in order to take up employment in Mauritius. Expatriates are allowed to import their personal belongings tax free. All applications for work/residence permits and duty remission on office/household equipment are handled by Alliance Financial Services Ltd.