Payment Intermediary Services (PIS) licence holders are entities that operate as payment gateways that allow e-Commerce businesses, banks or other financial services providers to accept different types of payments via both traditional banking and digital means.

The PIS, also known as Payment Service Providers (PSP) in some jurisdictions, performs many operations which includes the authentication of payment information, transfers between parties involved, fraud and risk management and conversion facilities amongst others.

Services that can be provided with a PIS license are as follows:

  • offer wallets/accounts to individuals and corporate clients;
  • offer Merchant services like trustee payment processing, credit card processing etc to companies, online shop owners or any kind of Merchant that is operating according to its local and the Mauritius laws;
  • enable customers funding of their wallets, process incoming and outgoing payments directly via correspondence banks or through other Payment Services Providers;
  • e-business solutions via use of debit and credit cards
  • offer online banking and transfer options for individuals and corporate clients.

We have particular expertise in this specialised license and we are proud to mention that Alliance Financial Services has successfully applied and obtained several PIS licenses for its clients.


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