Private Clients

As an expatriate you are primarily concerned about ensuring the security of your income and assets, and the structuring of your finances for maximum tax efficiency.

Alliance has been a trusted service provider to expatriates in Mauritius several years. We understand your needs, your challenges and the advantages that come from being an expatriate. Taking into account your individual and specific circumstances, we provide a personalised advice and support service.

High Net Worth Individuals
While wealth offers access to many forms of investment such as property, yacht ownership and aircraft ownership, it also provides unique challenges. The biggest challenge indeed is protecting and keeping that wealth!

Alliance provides to high net-worth individuals with the right solutions that keep their assets secured. As a high net-worth client of Alliance, you will have peace of mind that our services are delivered in full cognisance of national and international laws, cultures and traditions.

The world's economies are driven by entrepreneurs. These are the pioneers and risk-takers who develop innovations, implement new strategies, create job opportunities, grow wealth, and makes the world economy to be more vibrant.

When you are ready to exploit new ideas, expand into new markets, or engage in cross-border transactions, Alliance is well placed to assist you with tax efficient structures, outsourcing and payment execution. We shall be by your side all the way to success and beyond.


Corporate Clients

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), owner managed businesses (OMBs) and entrepreneurs

If your company is an SME or OMB, Alliance will assist your business thereby ensuring that your business is structured to enhance development and growth while you focus on the core activities.

We provide the following services to SMEs and OMBs:

  1. Structuring your international business for maximum financial efficiency
  2. Use offshore and onshore structures
  3. Cost reduction by outsourcing elements of your business IT, accounting and payroll
  4. Protecting your business's wealth
  5. Reducing the cost of expansion into new jurisdictions by using virtual offices

Multi-national Corporations & Large Enterprises
To develop a business model with high efficiency and effectiveness, the decision making is affected by several factors. We understand the needs of global businesses and ensure that the assets of the company/group are preserved while maximising profits. In this respect, we work with several industry experts and we are able to assist you in:

  1. Foreign direct investments
  2. Use of double tax treaties to minimize or mitigate double taxation
  3. Structuring of cross-border investments
  4. Corporate structures for international trade
  5. Transfer pricing issues
  6. Group Finance Companies
  7. Captive Insurance Companies
  8. Intellectual Property and Royalty Companies
  9. Compliance and due diligence requirements
  10. Cost efficient international outsourcing and Virtual Offices
  11. Health Insurance and Professional Indemnity for international employees
  12. Payroll solutions for employees who are working overseas

Professional Intermediaries
Intermediaries work with Alliance because they seek specialist knowledge of a jurisdiction, or a flexible and preferred corporate or trust services provider.

Having offices in multiple financial centres, and being a member of PrimeGlobal (One of the world’s top five largest associations of independent firms), Alliance spent several years building a carefully selected global network of professionals including accountants, lawyers, banks, trust companies, fiduciaries, independent financial advisors and tax advisors.

Over and above client profiles mentioned on this page, our private and corporate clients include personalities, Companies and Organisations with differing situations and circumstances. We assist high net worth individuals, businessmen (for start up or large businesses), immigrants, executives working away from home, and entertainers including but not restricted to sportsmen, authors, musicians, engineers, scientists and many others.