We have particular expertise in offering reliable services in connection with the formation and administration of Global Business Companies, Foundations and Trusts.

We also specialise in providing a full range of services with respect to Fund Set Up & Administration. Alliance is licensed and Regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. Alliance regroups some of the finest professionals in accounting & finance, law and customer relations, all fully committed to serving the needs of our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Our clients are assured of the highest level of individual, secure and confidential service. With a wide array of products and services offering, we are confident that our dedicated team will be able to meet specific requirements of each and every client.


In today's competitive world, international businesses are increasingly focusing on financial and tax planning as a means to improve profitability and protect investments.

This approach often requires specific corporate structures, such as holding, finance and royalty structures which can efficiently be set up in Mauritius as Global Business Companies.

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The first step in setting up the Global Business Company of your choice or the creation of a Trust is to complete the appropriate proposal form in detail to help us understand your activities and requirements.

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  • GBC Company
    As defined under the Financial Services Act of Mauritius, a GBC is a company engaged in qualified global business and which is carried on from within Mauritius with persons all of whom are resident outside Mauritius and where business is...
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  • Protected Cell Company (PCC)
    The Protected Cell Company (PCC) Act 1999 came into force in January 2000. This legislation provides additional opportunities, flexibility and security for international investment structuring. The object of the legislation is to enable a company holding a Global Business Company...
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  • Trust
    A Trust is an arrangement for the holding and administration of property under which property or legal rights are vested by the owner of the property (the Settlor) in a person or persons (the Trustees). The Trustees then hold the...
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  • Foundation
    The Foundation is an alternative vehicle to Trust and is convenient for succession planning and private wealth management. It is the dedication of property to an entity to be used for the benefit of people for a specific purpose. A...
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  • Shipping & Ship Registration
    Mauritius has for centuries been referred to as the 'Star & Key' of the Indian Ocean given its importance as a strategic port of call for vessels travelling the Spice Route and further. The Port Louis harbour is still a...
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  • Captive Insurance Business
    The legislation of Mauritius lays out the framework to facilitate the establishment of captive insurance business. Applicants for captive insurance licences are companies with a Global Business Company Licence duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission. Captive Managers have been...
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  • Funds & Collective Investment Scheme
    Funds registered with the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius are commonly structured as companies incorporated under the Companies Act 2001 and licensed as a company holding a Global Business Company Licence under the Financial Services Development Act 2001. The Funds...
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  • Investment Dealer & Investment Banking
    The Investment Dealer licence issued by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius is gaining popularity and credibility worldwide. Application for Investment Dealer Licence must be made under the structure of a Global Business Licence (GBC) and the licence is granted...
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  • Payment Intermediary Services (PIS)
    Payment Intermediary Services (PIS) licence holders are entities that operate as payment gateways that allow e-Commerce businesses, banks or other financial services providers to accept different types of payments via both traditional banking and digital means. The PIS, also known...
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  • Family Office License
    To further promote Mauritius as an ideal jurisdiction for wealth management activities, the Mauritian Government has introduced the Family Office Licence. The Financial Services Act, 2007, also allows for Overseas Family Office (Single) Licence and an Overseas Family Office (Multiple)...
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  • Variable Capital Company
    A Variable Capital Company (“VCC”) is a type structure where activities may be segmented through sub-funds and Special (SPVs). A VCC needs to be authorised by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the “Commission”) as a VCC Fund pursuant to the...
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  • Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offering
    The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offering Services Act 2021 provides for virtual asset service providers (“VASPs”) and issuers of initial token offerings (issuers of “ITOs”). The Act regulates two main categories of activities: VASP, meaning a person that acts...
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